Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-16

  • 10 great questions to ask yourself (or someone at an interview) #
  • I returned to work today after a great two week break at home doing very little. I am doing some elearning and then a course for a few days. #
  • Despite a two week holiday at home, my camera stayed in its bag. Must get some #photography motivation. Not sure how. #
  • My main PC at home is in bits. Meant to rebuild during two week hol at home. PC building isn't fun anymore. Will do it when I have to. #
  • Daily Mail front page story complains about surveillance state next to their invasive long distance pic of bare chested Lord Mandelson! #
  • Cat lost to snake (python), owners demand news laws, not to protect mice though 🙂 #
  • Ways to kill a cat (theoretical) – contributions welcome #
  • Wow, Facebook has bought FriendFeed. Wasn't expecting that. Reduces my social channels a bit I guess. #
  • Just completed 4 days worth of elearning in 2 long days. Some is req for a course with real people later in the week, which will be nice. #
  • my brother hadnt see salmin and bacon together before #

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