Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23

  • View from my new office in Swansea – great improvement on Swindon. #
  • If zombies actually existed, an attack by them would lead to the collapse of civilisation (BBC) #
  • I sang the praises of my NU Dolphin Touch waterproof MP3 player and FM radio prematurely. It has stopped recharging (just gets very hot). #
  • People keep telling me that it always rains in Swansea but it I can see another beautiful sunny day outside of my 14th floor office window. #
  • Oops, did my NU Dolphin Touch waterproof MP3 player and FM radio a diservice earlier – working fine ; user error! #
  • Eldest daughter got 2xA, 2xB @ As level – A level next yr. What a relief, I was really worried. GCSEs from younger next week. Gulp! #
  • Gone off because of poor customer service & broken delivery options (don't pass alt del addr, e.g. hotel, to restaurant) #
  • Well, it may take 4 hours to drive home on a Thursday night, but at least I can go out to play on Friday evening. The wonder of 543 working! #
  • Drove home from Swansea to Telford through the Welsh valleys. Beautiful – so much better than motorways. Must stop and take pics next time. #
  • geographical restrictions on ebooks makes no sense at all – managed to get around it with by attaching USA to part of CC details #
  • Still no apology from for broken alternate delivery address options on their site and poor customer service. Anti-customer? #
  • Added my negative review of to other reviews at – consistent theme of poor customer service #
  • Another BBQ booked for the weekend. How optimistic are we! #

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