Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-31

  • @AC_M apols for late response, been to see shows in London over weekend (Phantom of The Opera and Dirty Dancing) in reply to AC_M #
  • @AC_M Universities expect good GCSEs plus higher level qualifications ("A" levels usually in England & Wales) before they will offer places in reply to AC_M #
  • @AC_M without some GCSE qualifications it can be hard to get a job. in reply to AC_M #
  • @AC_M There is a GCSE qualification available for each of a wide range of subjects eg physics, maths, English, French, german, geography etc in reply to AC_M #
  • Younger daughter goes for black and White boots look #
  • Big question now is: did the folks at home remember to feed my fish? Not worried about the dogs – they let you know when they are hungry. #
  • Got a taxi from nr hotel to station (feet hurt despite new boots). Driver spotted my camera and talked my ear off about his old cameras. #
  • Feet hurt, old shoes' soles very thin. Usually avoid Clarks but got air cushioned boots, waterproof, Gortex that seem well made. Binned old. #
  • Mrs is going to go back to uni now kids grown up. Well done her. Guessed a good academic bookshop would be near UCL. Yup. Lots to read now. #
  • The Marriott Marble Arch should be renamed Marriott not as near to Marble Arch as Park Lane Marriott . Guess which one they owned first! #
  • I wish the Oyster payment / travel card used in London could be used everywhere, it makes things so much easier. #
  • As 16th birthday treat, my younger daughter and three of her friends went to see Phantom of the Opera in London last night. They enjoyed. #
  • Went to see Dirty Dancing on stage in London last night with my wife. Very good. Live is always better than film unless they really screw up #
  • Left my high end compact camera in Morrocan Restaurant in Edgware Road, London yesterday. Fortunately they found it and held it for me. #
  • @AC_M GCSE = General certificate of secondary education in UK, mostly taken around age 16. Secondary education is from age 11 to 16. in reply to AC_M #
  • Phew! Younger daughter got all A*, A & B grades at GCSE despite not trying hard. Well done. Now for the A levels … #
  • Phew! Long drive from Telford to Swansea on back routes but very nice. Has taken me 4 hours though. Feel a bit tired now but have to work. #
  • My Mrs is going to become a mature student and get a degree in physiotherapy (or similar). Had really good session at #Keele open day. #
  • Told my younger daughter, would disown her if she took a MCC degree. Looking more at music and history. Elder still undecided. #keele #
  • Just been to open day at Keele, sadly the presenter for media, culture and comms broke just about all of the presentation guidelines. Dire! #

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