Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

  • RT very funny, but a little cruel @Sheamus: How to wake your girlfriend up. #
  • How to control the page numbering in a Word document #
  • Make the Most of Office Coffee – Office culture – Lifehacker #
  • Not going to return this missed call #
  • Incest Revelations Will Be Nothing in the Future of Celebrity Biographies [P… #
  • Strobist: How to Improve Your Cheapo Webcam's Picture Quality #
  • Just got a newsletter at work which asks "Are you Black Minority Ethnic (BME) and Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual (LGB) based in Wales?" #
  • @pdathey so much travel in the name of smarter planet :-; #IBM in reply to pdathey #
  • RT @mattcutts "Google brings HTML5 to Internet Explorer" Sure, I'll digg that story: 🙂 #
  • RT @jamesketchell creates web services directory #
  • Am I undereducated? #
  • TomTom warned me shorted route may not be as safe as quickest. It wasn't. Diverts because of two accidents this morning Telford -> Swansea. #
  • RT @auer1816 Sending out another batch of files for the "Edit John's Photo" project. #
  • @stran9ee I returned to photography via Pentax 35mm ist, then digital with istD, but went Nikon as nothing to move up to. Shame. in reply to stran9ee #
  • RT @stran9ee Google This: 5 Reasons to Switch to Bing (via feedly) #
  • RT @stran9ee Site offers Facebook account break-ins for $100 #security #social (via feedly) #
  • RT @pmtwits Good brief article on future of project management: #
  • RT so true @BuzzPulse How Brains Work in an Argument [PIC]
    (via Buzz Feed) #
  • RT @carehome Andy Burnham speaks of 'ageing population timebomb': #
  • @stenmike I wish my company phone was a Nokia again instead of hard to use small Blackberry Pearl witout data services, hard to do stuff #
  • RT @Lotay Knowledge is great. But in the end, it doesn't matter how much you know, but how much you *did*. #
  • RT @photographworks Nice comparison of notification emails that makes one think of site design in general. #
  • @photographworks thanks for well thought out comparison of response forms; useful and interesting in reply to photographworks #
  • @PragueBob enjoy film, different to what I expected, almost news/doc style and makes serious moral and political points in reply to PragueBob #
  • RT weird stuff @CTSeven Hugh O'Malley Fashion Photographer London | London Fashion Week … #
  • Came back from Swansea Fri afternoon for a change. Took nearly 4 hours with a couple of short breaks. #
  • My 16 yr old daughter had survived first wk @ college, after last minute change from 6th form, despite being ill. Big change. Brave move. #
  • My 17yr old daughter has bought an external filter for one of her fish tanks. Got a primer, no tank water sucking like on mine! #
  • Thank goodness for PVR, couldn't stand watching shows like Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor live and watching all the padding esp results #
  • Last day for my 17 yr old working in local care home. I think they have here doing stuff not supposed to do under 18, poor training as well #
  • Good to have #Merlin back, great start to second series #

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