Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

  • I had forgotten how long Windows XP installation takes compared to imaging in the corporate world. #
  • I have a high-end AMD processor based system using an AMI motherboard and AMI graphics card. Why can't the former detect the latter? #
  • Nice to see Maplin stores stock Dell laptop power supplies. Non of generic replacements had correct adaptor anyway (and they usually break). #
  • Bad computer w/e. New PSU for younger daughter's Dell laptop, my main can't see graphics card, eldest daughter's needs winxp reinstalled #
  • Guy in Egypt orders "artificial hymen kit" over the internet, blogs about it #
  • infringing image copyright take down notice ignored – well done guys #
  • Image of ultra-thin Ralph Lauren model sparks outrage #
  • Bin store at the block of flat I live in during the week has been locked over the weekend. Why? Do people go there to party? #
  • Tired. Watched too many episodes of 24 (Series 7, DVD) last night – same as previous series, but I still like it. #

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