Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-15

  • "The young girl wants to be chased and she wants to be caught. Coarsley put the bites stand in for penetration."- Derek Draper #twilight #
  • RT @petapixel: Photoessay of a soldier's journey from high school to war, then back: – Impressive. #
  • Are we going to see still 3D available at DSLR quality levels for serious photographers anytime soon? #dslr #photography #
  • Do you think sensor exposure range will expand to match our eyes (no more HDR work-arounds)? If so, when? #dslr #photography #
  • Is it inevitable that electronic view finders will eventually surpass the quality of optical viewfinders? If so, when? #dslr #photography #
  • Challenges to the DSLR #
  • Yet another photography user group on the web #
  • Eldest daughter turned 18 today. Waiting at airfield nr Whitchurch for her to start a rally drive experience #

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