Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • @Sheamus like the Tiger Woods flow chart; glad you asked question; got fed up of news reports of apology that I do not need or care about in reply to Sheamus #
  • RT @sandmaxprime: Perfectly timed sports shots #Photography #
  • Just had a really nice pint of scrumpy in a good old fashioned country canal-side pub – thanks to the Mrs for driving me there and back; #
  • @mikejulietbravo we've reached point where m precluded from commenting beyond: we have infinite choice of concerns of what might be… in reply to mikejulietbravo #
  • @jordanm11 maybe time to find a great hairstylist 😉 in reply to jordanm11 #
  • @mikejulietbravo I checked you out before my first response, so I know you know 🙂 ; we are at diff points on concerned scale in reply to mikejulietbravo #
  • @mikejulietbravo I assume ISP info on me insecure. I'm leading a significant security related project for gov; am well aware of issues. in reply to mikejulietbravo #
  • @mikejulietbravo nationalised SE unlikely but does not worry me; privacy is an illusion, nothing I do is sensitive – ID theft bigger issue in reply to mikejulietbravo #
  • RT @stevebridger: For vast majority, more literate you are about web, the less likely you are going to be taken advantage of. #bbcrevolution #
  • #bbcrevolution cost of free not big issue, surely better targetting of advertising is cheaper in long run and more useful to me? #
  • RT @chrisdymond Watershed moment: 35-45 yr old 'digital immigrants' in big org strat positions & #bbcrevolution mainstreaming our concerns.. #
  • RT @deburca RT @iA_Chris: Mommy, mommy, I can't sleep, there's a Google under my bed. #bbcrevolution #
  • Trying a whole chicken in slow cooker on high. Done lots of other meats, never chicken. Left skin on, although some recipes say remove. #

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