Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

  • Spent few hours in Derby TC today. Suprisingly busy. Lot of empty shops though. #
  • Yet another traffic accident on A41 just outside Newport. This time at junction for Sheriffhales. Road blocked. Lot of police plus FB. #
  • Stayed at Breadsall Priory Marriott, Derby last night. Very nice. On points. No charge for breakie. Forgot gift so gave me 5k pts back 🙂 #
  • Had a great time in Ripley, Derbyshire with longstanding friends last night. More beer than I am used to. Well worth it. #
  • Enjoying surprisingly nice food at a Little Chef just north of Derby. Good to see normal tables and chairs rather than fixed ones. #
  • The Internet can make you smarter, experts say – CNET News: #
  • Facebook to developers: Get ready for Credits – CNET News: #
  • The nitty-gritty details of the Bloom box – CNET News: #
  • it's easy to create a #portfolio #website for a #photographer but hard to do it well; the reviews and tips on will help #
  • TV cop shows that manage to resolve amazing detail from poor images may finally become believable: Wow (cont) #
  • @rtd13 good evening, hope tour Thursday is as good as mine has been in reply to rtd13 #
  • @pdathey never got into LOST and only watch 24 when available on DVD, ad hoc on Heroes in reply to pdathey #
  • @pauldavisuk enjoy your fast 50, I love the ability to shoot portraits in natural light with shallow DoF. How are you looking to use it? in reply to pauldavisuk #
  • @ATL_Weddings my photography need is to be a better photographer :-; in reply to ATL_Weddings #
  • @QuadraPhoto is it wise to restructure at that speed? Good to be focused, but would not want you to miss something. in reply to QuadraPhoto #
  • Fancy focusing AFTER image capture? #photography in the future #
  • @martinh following you now, sorry, thought I had selected that earlier – my fingers are a bit too big for iPhone in reply to martinh #
  • @martinh fortunately our two daughters are old enough to fend for themselves at 18 (uni soon) and 16. They are both great cooks for a start. in reply to martinh #
  • My wife had good interview @ Keele Uni for mature student place on physiotherapy degree course. I played taxi driver. Should. Hear in 2 wks. #
  • All those doubts you have about #newspapers will be confirmed when you read Flat Earth News by Nick Davies Recommended. #
  • Don't forget, if you have two arms and two legs, you have more than the average for a human in your country. #
  • @jschwa1 local NCDL staff said used to get many calls from people regarding cats but not since the name change in reply to jschwa1 #
  • @jschwa1 National Canine Defence League became The Dog Trust as "canine" not known by many, so you've gained more educated followers in reply to jschwa1 #
  • Are MacDonalds' staff encouraged to refuse to serve seriously overweight people ordering unhealthy food like bar staff refuse drunks? #
  • Just posted – Our Nikon D3S in-depth review #
  • CompactFlash cards to offer petabytes of storage #
  • @kritterkondo why follow me or offer
    me gift certificate? I think cats are parasites! Sort your customer targetting out. in reply to kritterkondo #
  • Just added myself to the #photography, #portraiture, #modelling, and #TFP Twitter lists on #
  • My 18yr-old daughter has a cold: put salt-water up her nose as read it would stop a runny nose; it didn't, and her phlegm now tastes bad. #

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