Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

  • "Artifical insemination is when the farmer does it to the cow instead of the bull." #
  • There are 26 vitamins in all, but some of the letters are
    yet to be discovered. (school science exam answer ) #
  • Looking forward to RSC production of Romeo & Juliet in Stratford tonight. #
  • For those fed up of cats (theoretical) #
  • The final lighting solution: The Flash Helmet 🙂 #strobist #photography #photographer #flash #strobe #
  • The final lighting solution: The Flash Helmet 🙂 #strobist #photography #photographer #flash #strobe #
  • Took dogs for walk in field next door. Lovely day. Guess land will be set for new crop soon. Muck spreading overdue. Dogs will love, us not! #
  • Driving down to Swansea in afternoon change (after dental visit). Got up early, got lots done, few interruptions; time for tea & tweeting. #
  • Eeek. Dentist today. Had a lot done when I was a kid and things were more primitive – hard to knockout, harder to revive). #
  • I don't understand the huge backlash against Scientology. IMO there is no more manipulation then any other (cont) #
  • @ericspicts wrong air pressure can damage sensitive components in DSLR imho, stick to devices designed for purpose. in reply to ericspicts #
  • @thetrudz sorry, I knew that, was being a little sardonic; I like them to have a pic as well 🙂 – being more English than usual today! in reply to thetrudz #
  • Just realised it is film industry self indulgence time again, Oscar day – don't they know computer game industry is much bigger? #
  • FB is for friends, intellectual conversation & laughs for me, not for dating. The latter tires me. I use (cont) #
  • Can't sleep. (via @jordanm11) – maybe a side effect of tweeting 🙂 #
  • @thetrudz yes I am asking, and you've not said. Do you only follow togs? Is any pic ok, or must it be self portrait? in reply to thetrudz #
  • I was reminded today how tiring being around a 2 year old can be. Great kid, but I am glad mine are much older. #
  • @pdathey shame the sign lacked a ferry terminal as well in reply to pdathey #
  • @thetrudz why the need to see what someone looks like to follow them or will any pic do? in reply to thetrudz #
  • Go #green and sell and buy used #books through #

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