Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

  • Linux Equivalents to Windows Software – LinuxLinks News #
  • Marina – #
  • Marina1 – #
  • Lovely sunny day again in Swansea. Amazing. #
  • I cnt stand my political opinions being continually slammed by ovr-privileged elitist rt-wing children of wannabe aristocrats. (via @leydon) #
  • Most of the amateur models I shoot have never signed a model release or been given a usage license #photography #models #
  • @UKDad unopened tins of fry bentos pie have to be worth more than opened ones on so many levels in reply to UKDad #
  • I love Lightroom 3 (or at least, the betas). I will probably like CS5 as well, but can't justify buying it. #
  • @thetrudz need or just want a HD video cam? in reply to thetrudz #
  • @scottwyden how heavy was your packed Kiboko bag? #photog in reply to scottwyden #
  • Just won the debate about who is cooking today's Sunday Roast. When I stayed in a hotel all week, I used to do of the weekend cooking. #
  • Sadly this will never work. #
  • Why did it all go wrong for the once fashionable social network? | Technology | The Observer #
  • You Asked Twitter to Grow Up. They Have. And You're Mad? #
  • @tiagofal sorry, I am not a paying subscriber to spotify anymore in reply to tiagofal #
  • I have stopped subscribing to spotify, so no more invites I am afraid. Realised I was not listening to that much music on my iphone. #
  • Adding the most interactive tweeps and unfollowing deadbeats using Tweepi's geeky Twitter tools. #

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