Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

  • @Dani_Whylie in what way were spellbound "shit"? I thought what they did was incredible. Remarkable skills, altheletic, and entertaining. in reply to Dani_Whylie #
  • BOL is still going well despite lose of Tom Merrit from CNET.COM to TWiT.TV and I like his new TNT show there. Two tech hits a day now. #
  • I have volunteered Alexandra to cook an evening meal. It helps avoid being given a vegetarian meal. Have to take her shopping though. #
  • At a recent staff review meeting @ McDonald's, my daughter was told many staff do not know difference between hygiene and cleanliness. Argh! #
  • If Apple fail to announce the new iPhone on Monday, there will a lot of surprised people. My current O2 contract on a 3G ends in August. #
  • Water is a bit hard in my main tropical fish tank. Might have to use peat. Lost an angel fish! #
  • Great to see new daily tech show from Tom Merritt,, on start last night. Still going to watch BOL though. #
  • This morning I realised it is has been a long time since I have done any UML drawings. It is coming back to me slowly, but my brain hurts. #
  • Facebook security. Meh! Why don't most people assume anything the enter onto a social networking site will be in public domain for ever! #
  • UML 2 Activity Diagramming Guidelines #
  • RT @JayOatway Why Wired's iPad app is not the future of magazines you were hoping for: #
  • @JayOatway useful view on wired app, thanks; seems we are always destined to repeat mistakes – let's hope html5 is taken seriously 4 mags in reply to JayOatway #
  • @hakandahlstrom great work; love the patterns you spot in reply to hakandahlstrom #
  • @AdventurePic better go for a high-end lightweight tripod so you don't cramp your style; or have you considered a gorillapod? in reply to AdventurePic #
  • @alyce_taylor love the lilacs in the snow; are you going to move seriously into macro? in reply to alyce_taylor #
  • Duh! RT @JayOatway Do no evil? Woman sues Google over walking directions that got her hit by car #
  • RT @MBAGeekDotCom "BBC News – Mistakes in silicon chips to help boost computer power" ( ) #
  • To my surprise, really enjoyed StreetDance film. Very British take, simple plot, well done with some great dances. #

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