Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18

  • Haughmond Hill, tree root #
  • How to iron a shirt | T.M.Lewin Community #
  • At Old Codgers drinks (IBMers over 40 @current client) one chap said we are too old to be creative, set in our ways on project. I disagreed. #
  • RT @HW_L RT @quotegarden: "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." ~Alice Walker #
  • RT @guardiantech Roy Greenslade: Telegraph benefits by embracing cloud computing #
  • Why Lenses Are a More Important Purchasing Decision Than Camera Bodies #
  • RT @stran9ee RT @str8photography: 40 Amazing Examples of Sky Photography #
  • Great start to the week: torrential rain and lots of small traffic accidents in front of me. (Gladly, I witnessed no major prangs.) #
  • Many #photography sites recommend large polyboards as reflectors in #studio Hope can fit B&Q boards in car: #
  • Our garage doors are rotten. Sadly, they are much taller and a bit wider than standard sizes, so need custom-build replacements! #
  • 2 trips to recycling centre/tip yesterday. 2 more already today; at least the garage is pretty clear and we can use as a basic photo studio. #

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